calibration of pneumatic hand pump simul…

calibration of pneumatic hand pump simulation

To trace the gauge pressure or which is the standard traceable instrument
1. check all the connection which is the lining of the pneumatic hand simulation or try to process the calibration if there is a leaking or not
2. in calibration pressure, switch using the gas range use the pneumatic hand pum, here are the guides:
a. switch on the indicator pilot light
b. open suction valve and rotate the handwell context clockwise to vacuum on air
c. close the sunction valve and open the online valve.
d.rotate the handwell clockwise to pump the pressure and the standard or known traceability.start to calibrate the set point.
e.when processing the calibration the known traceable when pumping process the middle of the gauge when pointing the no. of pilot indicator will off
f.use the adjuster of the gas pressure to indicate the set setting pressure

g. use the manual procesure in returning bcdef or reach the exact set setting pressure.


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