dont stuck your holiday

happy new year!!!


PANAMA a place of sunshine, 365 days a year. You have hundreds of miles of beach, highland retreats with green valleys where the weather is spring like even in january and august, and a genuinely cosmopolitan capital city too, with one of the worlds largest financial districts. And panama offers the worlds most generous retiree benefits. As a pensionado you get discount of utilities, airline tickets, doctor bills, hotel stays,cultural events and more, and you can be a pensionado from as young as 18 in some circumstances at 50 yrs old no question so you dont even have to actually be retired, as long as you can show an income of at least $1,000 a month you gain this status, You dont have to invest in real estate. you dont have to apply for citizenship. Thousands of retirees have already settled in Panama, only here the average social security can fund luxuries like a house keeper, regular dinners out, theatre, cinema, travel even beach house or a country retreat. Things simply cost less. You can do all the thing syou like to do at home but in pamana at the end of day spent indulging yourself, you still have money left in your pocket.

Ecuador offers sophisticated historical cities miles of unspoiled sun kissed beaches fertile farmland and temperate mountain hideaways, and all of it for pennies on the dollar you can live well for a fraction of the cost of living back in teh US and with ecuadors official currency the US dollar you neednt worry about complicated currency calcualations or exhange risk. and real estate cost they are among the lowest weve found anywhere in the world. for i.e you can get a three bedroom home a short walk from the beach for just 79,000 dollar andn ecuador is just a four hour flight from the US less time then it takes to fly from nyc to los angeles.

phuket. Its easy to

see why people flock to thailand for the ultimate in sea sand and sun with miles of white sand beaches, lush jungle and crystal blue waters the kingdoms southerns island are for many paradise on earth. whether your snorkel adn swim the day away, explore hidden emerald bays by sea kayak or simply lounge on your choice of palm frindge beaches, you wont be disappointed. for maximum sunshine, the best time to visit the southrn gulf coast island is january to september while for islands off the andaman coast its november to april. from the tropical beauty and picture perfect views to the freindliness and hospitality of the thai people here are five southern island you dont want to miss PHUKET. Easily reached by a causeway linked to the mainland, the country largest island boasts a h illy forested interior and miles of white sand coastline sorrounded by bright turqoise waters, dubbed as pearl of andaman, phuket has come a long way from its origins as thailands first beach resort, now home to world class hotel, delectable restaurants, and an international airport the island is one of the most luxurios beach destination in the world.


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