trip to el salvador

here welcome to my travel journal way back from calgary to san jose, costa rica

our flight to houston was 8.37 am united airlines 1137 but because we had maintenance problem we are delayed, delayed 4 hours, so 12.30 pm we are boarding time.



before that the US consul ask if we bring food and how much money we had! some airport in USA are really very annoying and very tiring to line up.

the plane left at 1.05 pm after the tight security and i have less 20 kilos bag to check in and that is good. the flight took 3.5 hours

there is a difference time of 1 hr from calgary to texas. so i.e texas time is 5.35 pm which is in calgary is 4.35 pm so, texas is advance one hour from central alberta but the line is very hectic we have to run for our flight from houston when we arrive


avianca airlines

there at 6.07 pm coz we are almost delayed and we are run out, oh my!it was gate E-25.


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