san jose city ,costa rica

san jose is located in central highlands ,where it enjoys a modern climate. the heat and humidity of the coast and lowland areas may affect you with a general sense of lethargy and loss of appetite.make sure drink more water cold bottled water is available everywhere. and do not attempt too much in any given day.


taken in the park in san jose costa rica

it has good and bad side, the central government , theatre, art as well as its really pollution of air and congestion. it has beautiful parks and museums , a few beggars on the streets! and i saw it really ! it is a big and often noisy! crowded downtown streets you’ll often enjoy a view of surrounding mountains, the streets are busy you’ll often enjoy going straight numbering system and sometimes it confused you because its spanish writings!


san jose- breakfast we go out to exlore the city me and my friend engkanto had to walk goint to san jose we had a lot of pictures, he had his first haircut ever and it cost around 2,500 costa rica, 1 canadian is 408 colones.the hotel that we stay cost 2,900 colones and the name  is centro de comidas


san jose city, full of cars and spanish speakers which for me is a busy life for them.

my day start with breakfast , which fruits like pineapples, mangoes orange papaya,pomelo and water melons, i eat try gallo pinto, then i met with my fellow travellers by gap adventure and our ceo is ernyk, a local costa rican who work there in 6 months with fellow trainee philippa and megan,and i meet my fellow travelers from germany, kenya, canada,britain and we chat ,then i had to stroll down the city of san jose, they have intersection of the streets and the che cars as show in the picture above,


pura vida hails from the people of this city in san jose

i went to the store to buy some stuff like noodles sardines juice packs etc and it cost around 892 colones wow! thats too much for a tourist like me! then i walk near the calle(english street) and i found something to eat. the name of the food is gallo pinto , (common food in central america) esp in costa rica. gallo pinto is a rice soak with beans and some hot chili stuff, and its like comer! ( eat in english)


then at 12.15 pm i have to go back to the hostel and rest and my friend get a massage and we meet at hotel rincon san jose which is 50.68 US dollar per night with extra vat of 13%, the address is avenida 9y calle 15 san jose , costa rica phone +50622219702 there is wifi public parking free of charge


megan as she is excited to embrace nature of falls

at 2.30 pm we had lunch at la carlotta where i order firsh called corvira ala maniera for 6,200 colones and they have entree like soup and bread which you can get pepsi bottle for 1000 colones.they have also cable chanel 14 like the latinovela at 8.30 pm i decided to dinner at cafe mundo restau and my meal cost 18,500 colones or 17 dollar USIMG_4709


sitting down the falls of costa


colones where the currency is 500 colones=1USD





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