merchandise for sale

each mug cost 20 dollar plus 10 dollar shipping from tracking post office.


i also sell books for cooking in a reasonable price of 15 $ and 10 $ postage fee.158pages and all are brand new.

im selling also some stamps from guatemala, honduras, costa rica, el salvador and nicaragua stamps fpr .50 cents each


and some merchandise like eye glass, hotwheels,one direction book and keychains and t shirt 1794775_10153112321779831_761497058175892527_n

these are mix and you can negotiate the price for each of those

t shirt are male size large and medium for sale at 20$ with 10 $ shipping fee.


these t shirt too are the same price and had white color too size medium


these key chains are sale for 10 $ include shipping fee if you buy 10 pieces.


the caps are sale for 20 $ and shipping with 10 $ its a good gift for your friends b day  xmas


these jut down notes are limited offer only, for 10 dollar free shipping


thse pins are exclusive only for 5 $ free shipping if you buy 10 applies to canadian flag only, other countries are 15 $ each



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