monteverde, the land of coffee

after waking up in the mellow place of casa de cabezas in  san jose city, i pack my bag with my friend leaving the hote, 8.25 am when the bus pick us up and i am just little sad about my little wallet which are lost. we had a drive of 45 minutes going to the boat

10.15 am the boat leaves and it took around 40 minutes to wait so we can go to the waiting area, with my fellow traveler and after 2 hours of zigzag hill and road of traveling, the bus stop for a grocery store. we eat ice buko, ice cream and some buy water, well if you will in the road you feel hungry right, and also you need to bring some money in order to buy something for you to eat while on the road block of the hilly mountain


12 noon when we arrive after 4 hours of driving at the almencer hotel at 12.45 noon we walk for a lunch going to tacos-tacos, the service is very poor because there are lots of people on the line to eat however the tacos and the food is good, after our lunch we went to almencer but i lost luckily i found my mate mark and ben! wew almost close!

at 3.05 pm we have to leave to go to the coffee plantation which has entrance fee of 17,500 colones and lots of flocking tourist in our batch from different travel groups, i was with GAP which are optional for activities, you can visit their hotline through their ceo ernyk which has website

at 4 pm when i arrive the sugar factory they tour guide from the coffee, said that finland is the most drinker coffee and beer int eh world,and africa has 30 percent production of cofee in the world  here are also some of the trivia: spanish

picadillo means chop in pieces,

aracachi means leaves

cana de azucar means sugarcane

when you are in robusta 30 percent of teh coffee is brewed over there and good aroma, it has strong bitter taste and low elevation

plant cofee in pairs due to growing faster in two and half years the pea berry is sold for 20 dollar per kilo and in mexico, the children peel off the coffee beans or 200$ for 46 kilos wow! is that very hard labor for the kids!

i taste also sugar rhum made of sugar cane which they called moonshine

at 5.30 pm i sat down and eat and drink lemonade with cofee expresso ! oh my! bitter!

we arrive 6.30 pm after one hour of almost driving to the almencer pensionne house an hour after that i had rest and skype my friend in texas janeth as the group knocks our room because they wanted to go to dinner restaurant in amigos.

well I order pork canalonas for 4,400 colones or 9 $, it was really good, the pork is tender and I was really hungry, then we try to eat ice cream for dessert at the three house and its almost like 9 pm there, i order mint chocolate and it was disgusting! it taste like toothpaste! i dont like it, where my friend order vanilla, and it was really good, i will tell you not to try mint ice cream if you dont like eating toothpaste in your mouth! take my the end the weather in monteverde is foggy because it was located in mountain

TIP:just a little advice, dont go much to costa rica if you are planning to visit central america, it is not worth your penny imagine one pringles which is 1.37 oz and its like 2 dollar in canada, in costa rica the price is almost the same,alpina water which is 1000 ml is 647 colones.




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