a day in monteverde


monteverde or green mountains  is exactly what you find at the end of the long rutted dirt road through the mountains, the surrounding pastures were once covered with dense forest but today only a small pieces remains, the piece of forest has been preserved as

12747940_1772469219698575_5110299705378698358_omonteverde cloud forest biological reserve. cloud forest is much like a rainforest, but much of the moisture comes not from falling rain but from the condensation left nearly constant cloud cover that blankets the tops of the mountains in many parts of the tropics,

16024_1425381494390738_5955645868033272410_nmonteverde resere covers 1600 hectares of forest and is home to a great variety of wildlife. more than 2,000 species of plants, 320 bird specifies and 100 different species of mammals inhabit this small area.

11066647_10153086667329831_7344358643743852039_omonteverde is located near the south of costa rica, the costa rica in review as previous page has telephone code of +506 which the currency is colones 500 colones=1 US$ try their ice cream10418142_1612950528983779_2644258593343577151_n

may 10 wake up call at 7 am and i had chat my friend uldarico “aying” in facebook, we had breakfast at 9.35 am at the orchid coffee shop, and chatting with my fellow travellers about their experience in few days of costa rica, everything for them is good, no lost walets like me! pity! after 3 hours, it rains and fog oh my! i order my fave gallo pinto( which is rice coated with brown beans just like soup in subway restaurants in canada aye!

image (3)

and i like mango smoothie which are not really good as tim hortons smoothie! and bonus fruits and oatmeal which i paid 13,350 colones in total, not bad for agreat breakfast for start of the day! its even 25 dollar in US wow how expensive is that ?


at 12.noon we and my friends had walking 5 minutes going to carmen philips, which are a good therapist  for a massage,and i was amazed after walking the foggy monteverde mountains as we approach carmen clinic parlor,

11174620_10153200498244831_352594404671469091_o i notice some locals which are friendly and talking to us but you know my spanish sucks! i learn more if bring my handbook exactly, back to carmen, she is 54 yrs old widow and physical therapist and her office was affiliated with traveladvisor, great! she has to touch our legs and my back, no e… pls!each massage cost around 45$ both me and my friend and if you re solo you got 15 $ for combination of therapeautic, that takes 30 minutes for each of us.it was really good feeling and my back and my veins was relax for that, thanks carmen!


one of my fave dish is medium rare steak with rice and veges

the famous costa rica beer everywhere you were, the best is imperial, the best water to drink over there is alpina, the weather is all year tropical, meaning just like the philippines in the equator rainy and dry season,people they says costa ricans, and when you where staying there you will always hear the famous lines “pura vida” their mobile network is kolbi, movistar.

11050193_10153086669149831_4851688769562017622_o their national bank is banco nacional, but i recommend movistar they are good to used if youre phone is unlock! before we stop over for our next destination which is ometepe, in nicaragua i drop to the supermarket in libera, costa rica to buy something in the grocery, i bought  water which cost 674 colones we had eaten at 2.30 pm grocery food for lunch and i paid 23,400 colones.

before we exit costa rica which has a fee of 45$ and i bought some good souvenirs which i cant take out my sight everytime i travel from a first time country.1459877571170-1658969453

if you like to buy some stamps of costa rica for collectors just private message me in my social networking sites in my page.


for a conclusion for few day trip i mean from 5 days in costa rica, from 2 days exploring in san jose city, 2 days hiking in la fortuna and rafting and enjoying the lake and walking in mountain of monteverde, i would like to say for my readers that it was really fun and good to stay there for couple of days exploring the day life of costa ricans, truly pura vida!


visitors flocking to the plantation of coffee in monterverde


treehouse is one of my fave restaurants in monteverde find out why


with our good coffee and ice cream, were i order mint ice cream which i don’t like!



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