water rafting in la fortuna

the country of costa rica has country code of +506 at 7.30 am we decided to leave the rin con san jose hotel going to one and half hour ride for rafting , where they say rafting is a water sport! at first i didnt like it and i was hesitate but when i try it i say the boat rolling in the deep. the weather is almost 30 degree hot, the cost for rafting is about 85 US dollar include lunch food.


rafting in desafio adventure which cost you more energy

rafting is a water sport and almost 2 hr ride from the vehicle and i saw the lake very drastic, it started 10.30 am and ends at 12.30,it took 2 hours of fun i even scream for life! as the waves spashes and tickles me, the name of our tour guide is fernan, he speaks a lot of spanish and at 12.30 pm we eat fruits and water melons and pineapples, it was fun he heven give leaves to one of the girl .the name of the company is defaio then we had pictures of rafting at 4 pm as i feel tired i feel going to the hotel.


as ive said earlier we had a fruit lunch and gallo pinto the picture cost around 30$ wew! that is really expensive but four of us share 7.50 $for 30 photos the photos will be send to each of our emails. at 4.30 pm we had a cab like 1$ or 500 colones going to the free river where you just walk 20 minutes from our hotel which are called la fortuna town.when i went to la fortuna i bought a mug for 6000 colones which are equivalent to $12.wow ! thats the expensive mug that i bought in costa rica so far.one of the souvenir.i have also buy t shirt size medium which cost me around 8 $ =4000 colones which i bought 2. the pocket sling that i bought for 500 colones each the key chain is 2 $ =1000 colones, expensive is 6$=3000 colones then at 6.45 we went to the office to see if pay the trip rafting for 85$ then my friend  we walk towards the office of defaio, where we had to pay rafting 85 dollar each  and also hiking for 65$ the day ended at dinner at 7pm where we walk 15 minute walk where the activities are optional, the name of the restaurant is lava costa and i ordered pork and rice menu with cheese and banana and vegetables with bread. that cost me around 12.41$ and the coke is 2.65$

for the conclusion i think for a tourist backpacker which are going to costa rica, save budget and plan because it is really expensive for tourist and also for locals too..


the busy streets of san jose costa rica where 1 US dollar =500 colones




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