drag by kabayo in poneloya,nicaragua

PONELOYA, we travel by private van for a couple of days of R &R on a remote beach, surfing swimming and relaxing on the sand awaits, opt to hike negro or check the city of leon, there not much stretch in the beach, but thetas the part of beauty in the norther part pacific coast.

after 6 days of traveling in some cities in costa rica, from leaving at early as 6.30 am in amanecer hotel, my mind is set to another neighbor country in central america, nicaragua, i bet this city is more affordable than costa rica, and i heared they have lots of colonial cities situated in granada and nice beach in poneloya, which excites me! i bought the cofee from costa rica which was 500 colones and bread with banana for 600 colones, too much spending in costa rica sir!

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lets talk about ometepe, it was feel great to hear nice stories to this small town, the bus is defaio ready and the driver is marion, so we are already gather with my fellow travelers and their bag is massive! dont bring too much bags if you are always dynamics from time to time! and always if you are volunteering in centra america via http://www.helpx.com please insured yourself in travel insurance which i recommend is wide medical coverage like the http://www.volunteercard.com which is 40 cad, or the http://www.oveuropa.com which is 54 cad for more info about their medical coverage just visit their blogs or websites.the country code for nicaragua is +505 .After 3 hours of traveling the bus, almost 12.30 noon time we arrive athe costa rican exit immigration border, and we have to unload ourselves for exit visa stamp, but each of us has to walk 5 minutes going to the costa rica-nicaragua border, for citizens of the philippines who travel to nicaragua, there is a visa application just visit the website of nicaragua for those citizens who are waive visa agreement

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there is a entrace visa of 7$ for entering nicaragua, in any means of transportation, and the currency of nicaragua is cordoba which 1US=28.3 cordoba


i paid 3 $ for 2 min  wait visa on exit for nicaragua


i have to show my US transit visa and my canadian permanent residence because it took 15 minutes for my paperwork to be approve according to our ceo, ernyk. but its wasnt not a problem anyway because mostly philippine passport holders who travel to central america and south america are visa waive, for more info about visa and immigration to enter central america visit blog.


poneloya to el salvador border crossing.

they have lots of turbines in the mountain and even in the town,at 1.55 pm we ride a bus going to managua, the capital city of nicaragua.but this not our destination with the group, our destination after ometepe, we stay here for 2 nights and some of the optional activities that you can do here is homestay dinner with the local family, which is nice to taste their poposas, beer and food and also climb a volcano, go to swimming beach rent a bike or motorbike.after an hour of travel via bus we arrive the island of ometepe, it was nice beach and we are waiting to fetch our ferry to took us in lake (lago in spanish) lake nicaragua, itIMG_4886

was fun but one of my fellow traveler drop her iphone in the lake while the ferry is moving, what a lucky day johanna !! i was ready to get my money exchange from the border and tip : donot negotiate with the fixers, they have more commission if you exchange your US dollar with them just make it legal like bank or border agency. i exchange 1US dollar=20 cordoba, at 5 pm we have a brief introduction when we arrive from the ferry and the name of the place or island is “puerto del sol” meaning place of the sun


dinner is 6 pm,time difference in central alberta and central america are the same,

again the dinner is gallo pinto! give me a break! if you are not a fan of rice try different but mostly locals here serve gallo pinto, a rice coated with black beans and pork or rice depends if you are meat lovers,bad the experience i had was great, me my friend explore the sunset and the cultural tour is what we selected for both of us.













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