heaven in varadero


the crystal clear waters of varadero

to those of you who doesnt know where is cuba, it lies in the east part of caribbean, where there is a direct flight from calgary going to some place in cuba such as varadero, havana, cayo largo, holguin,cayo coco etc.



you can book via http://www.sunwing.com for cheap flights going to cuba since me and my friend book this flight and we get 7 days all inclusive trip, yes ! all inclusive you just have to sit down eat and sleep no worries and you will be in cuba in just 3 to 4 hours.IMG_7573 IMG_7323 IMG_7324 IMG_7325 IMG_7326

a little information about cuba, its not all about che guevarra, however he had a major contribution why cuba is free until now, through his guerilla organization that outcast the president of cuba, you can read more in the recent posts about che guevarra why cubans love this actor/doctor from argentina but killed in bolivia, although he loves to mingle with fellow activist to build the kind of freedom for an ill fated country! wish i can be che!

spanish is the main language, it has 110 or 220 volts so make sure bring your iphone chargers and laptop charges in this format huh!

cuban convertible peso or CUC is their tourist official money, but locals has UN.. which is better for them than the CUC. 1 CUC=0.77 canadian well almost close to 1US$. the che guevarra museum is the controversial historical figure which is honoured in a very heroic setting..

christmas did not become an offical holiday in cuba until 1997, in preparation for pope john paul 2 where he visited cuba in 1997. ernest hemingway wrote for whom bell tolls and the old man and the sea movie where he lived in cuba

and recent cuba is the most populous country in the caribbean with over 11 million residents and last year 2015, canadians reach 1 million tourist mark in the history of cuba .


hotel posada alta visa

address: av, 15 setiembre #8, barrio, el centro, suchitoto, cuscatlan,

tel 503-2335-1645. 503 2340-1360





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