sunway lagoon”tedak” in kuala lumpur.

malaysia has a lot of theme parks, when i went there 2008 in january, this is my first time in overseas travelling to enter and my first time to be away home!

the first them park i went is the subway lagoon in malaysia, where they called it malaysia premier international standard them park. it features theme lands 4 the water of africa, wild wild west, world of adventure, and kalahari kids.

each boasting their own exciting attractions. join in for wet rides at the 360 deg spiral slide which will take your beathe away and don’t miss out on heart stopping 45 degree drop on the toboggan. a slow river ride around the thee park is available to view the parks many attractions, highlighted by an enchanting 80 feet high water fall, thats not all .you can explore the roller coaster, the flying carpet the sky flyer and attempt to walk in the world longest pedestrian suspension bridget to complete your visit225478_9926634830_6828_n


from the kuala lumpur you have to drive a taxi going to this theme park cost around 50 ringgit and the entrance of sunway lagoon was 150 RM and there is a deposit of 20 RM. we arrive there at 8.30 am and this is my first time to ride a roller coaster, my experience at first was very nervous because i never did it before but soon as the roller coaster moves and my legs are lock its a world never stop tilting! i was dizzy but it went so fast like the spinning is 30 sec fast, oh my!


i was really really impress it turns upside down ,and i vomit! yuck!but after 2 minutes of circling the machines, wow i made it. it was a great fulfillment and relief!

no food is allowed at the park, when i bring a beer, it was in the trash!the burgers and 2 cups of coke cost 14 RM. at 3.30 pm after we swim , i decided to ride the ferris wheel it was really slow and you can see the view outside but it was really good. it was not the monster that i thought when i was a kid!226778_9926609830_5450_n

wake up at 4 a with my friend eating noodles while i was asleep. come back to sleep again, we fix ourselves, watching the astro cable t.v and at 10 am we walk to maju junction to buy some eating,, he groceries some and he buys chicken at the KFC. we back to the hotel at 11.20 am and we ate.go to the pool after in the 3rd floor and at 5 pm we back to #1612 to have something to do. then at 6 pm daniel pick us up and , the bald gay malasyaian , 33 yrs old and own a restaurant named relish , he has blue nice car chatter with parking towards his near restaurant, which he paid 3 ringgits for 2 hours, we ate prawns as starter with sauce then the lambs and the bread. it was so funny as dom is silly. daniel boyfriend russ, came an australian national who is a private teacher in exclusive british school in kuala lumpur suburbs he teachers literature english.


dom is silly who has the platy of shots of wine, take pictures some gays coming like the old bald on and friend who is indian and we eat. at 10 pm daniel calls the mayor so he was excited to see him, he come we say the immenince  or excellency what a silly one. he pays 166 RM using his credit card, the  mayor named was “john”


at 7 to 8 pm we go to china town with daniel. i am feels like a dog who always follow with his master! dom and daniel chafed because they are friend for 10 years at the latter met at the gaybar in london. my friends dom works in gaybar for ten years as a cashier receptionist , he has a medium suitcase and wears a bracelet all the time. i got his watch if you don’t mind and his shoes.

we go clubbing at 12 pm and he’s very drunk with daniels friend  who has a crush on him hahahaha! silly we’ve been in 4 club. one club is a gaybar the other is the heritable and the last that went is nice. i forgot to take the souvenir from daniel closet in his car, i just hope that he will get back but he is very busy that time i won’t but it will be there soon.


the seventh day is boring we eat chicken and soup. nothing special home sweet home going to manila from kuala lumpur it takes 4 to 5 hours flight from manila to kuala lumpur via cebu pacific air.


kuala lumpur city tour- despite rapid development , kuala lumpur has manager to retain her charm with a skyline that blends the old world into the modern sprawling metropolis. see the contrast between the info-moorish architecture and the ultra modern edifices, petronas twin towers , the tallest twin towers in the world! drive past the national mosque records the city past and showcases the different cultures and traditions living in harmony within malaysia one of final stops will see the former lake gardens and pause for a moment at the national monument, one of the final stop will be the cottage industries where the british flag was lowered for the last time and the malaysian flag raised for the first. daily morning departure half day seat in coach per person is RM60/RM30 child

NIGHTMARKET the kuala lumpur by  night, the evening walk through a bustling streets of china town, here you will the opportunity of visiting the famous china town night market with lights ablaze the rows of stalls each with its own speciality goods sold at bargain prices, we continue to a traditional malay style dinner theatre for a sumptuous, mouth watering buffer whilst enjoying a colourful array of traditional malaysia cultural dances, after dinner return to hotel or the opting being dropped at the bin tang walk, daily evening departure is half day, seat in couch per person is RM100/RM70 child

MENARA-start the evening at a stroll in central market, a centre for malaysian handicrafts and arts before proceeding to  menara kl, which 421 meters ranks one of the tallest of southeast asia, you will take a high speed elevator to the seri angkasa revolving restaurant for a delicious buffet dinner whilst admiring the breathtaking panoramic views of th sprawling metropolis below. seating is limited .


batu caves-malaysia is melting pot of religions and race, where people work and live, side by side in harmony, afternoon tour begins with drive throughout the city uphill to robson heights to visit one of eh most spectacular chinese temples the temple of then hou. the striking 6 tiered temple is dedicated to the goddess tian you the heavenly mother and feature elements of buddhism. taoism and confucianism. the temple design is a successful blend of modern architecture and authentic traditional design.

224023_9926614830_5711_nwalk  towards the outskirts of the city to see how one of the age old traditions of batik design is still hand made with a visit to a local batik centre. the final stop for the afternoon will be here, house of massive limestone outcrop, its interior aren one to a hindu temple lined with different deities. the temple itself is looted at the top a 272 step climb,leading up an into the dinner depths of the caverns. daily afternoon departure is half day and seat in coach per person is RM60



enjoy the fun fulfilled one of the malaysia premier international standard theme parks, is separated into different theme lands such as the wild wild west and waters of africa, each boasting their own attraction, splash in for wet rides on the voodoo adventure river or the heart stopping adrenaline rush fro the toboggans, back on dry land , why not try the roller coaster inverted pirate ship or some of the other many attractions , a fun tactic day for all the family. adult 175 RM/child RM80 minimum of 2 adults.228643_9926619830_5983_nvisit the living nature theme parks in the heart of kuala lumpur city, our tour begins with a visit to the bird park one of the largest aviaries in the world where over 4000 birds are free to fly . it continues to the orchid and hibiscus garden home to lever 500 different species of flower and price winning hybrids. the hight light of the afternoon is vista carcosa seri negara, a colonial mansion in 14 hectares of landscaped garden once the residency of the british high commissioner to malaysia, the residence has played host to queen elizabeth II and price philip of britain, enjoy

visit more at and you can reach them at their address in 7th floor 7.02 menara mirama, jaan wisma putra,50460 kuala lumpur malaysia or email them at booking hotline is 603-21441100


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