i left my pocket knife in hongkong

august 7 the day that my swiss knife was caught by the security officers at the airport of hong kong international airport terminal 2. when we check in, because i thought that i put my pocket knife in my check in bag when we are in the last security of our baggage which i hand carry it was in the small pocket in my bag! aye ! it was really naive!


the terminal 2 for international passenger of budget airlines air asia.

aye! then the officer told me that if i wanted to get that pocket knife then i should have to buy a round trip ticket to hong kong instead! are you kidding me sir?




tin tan buddha, one of biggest buddha in lantau island


hk international airport tour guide and my sister which guide us where to go in hongkong


routes of bus in central town of hong kong


map of mtr trains which goes into hong kong to other parts of the south


which places or station are you going?


which money currency you have so you can exchange it


hong kong night at the victoria harbour,busiest port in the world


double decker bus in tsim tsam tsui in hong kong central


busy people near the vendor site streets of tsim tsam tsui


hong kong international airport where flocks of passengers waiting for their flight


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