eating spiders in cambodia

welcome to cambodia readers!

cambodia likes  in southeast asia, mostly budget airfare companies had direct flights to phnompenh from manila, singapore,  australia, europe etc. when i went there i had to fly budget airlines like cebu pacific air.more on their routes in their website cebupacificair and air asia .approximately 50 percent of cambodia population is under 18 years of age, average life expectancy is 57 years old according to UN and the exchange for cambodian riel to one US dollar is 3,999 and in  1CAD=3,052. thats todays rate!about 90 percent of cambodi are ethnic khmers, with the remaining made up of vietnames, chinese, and very remote hill tribes. thats me joke!IMG_1531

mostly if you went to cambodia, go straight to siem reap, which means thais defeated, where it is the gateway to the magnificient temples of angkor, which seats as sout east asia drawcard, where  you can experience cambodian hospitality

the attraction and activities you can do in angkor are visiting temples, visit the angkor wat, as one of the worlds ancient wonders  and take note there is an entrance fee over there 20 US$.to see the temples and to take pictures of them as i did at the top .our tour guide is sareth so which the cambodia has telephone code of +855 take note.and i was with intrepid travel tour.the doors open at 6 am and they will give flash light, the intrepid tour arrange our stay there  victory GH thats the hotel we stay.i love the fried noodle and pork over there thats why thats the most important thing that i miss in cambodia, and angkor wat is UNESCO world heritage so they take care of that, approximately hundred of tourist flock all around the world everyday to see the magnificient angkorwat.


the famous temple was funded by german and french, and they fix renovation when we wen there,i cant stop the world for taking pictures of this magnificient customs of this girl,i was wondering making a movie for the lost empire !!! hahaha

there are  lots of temples you can visit over there, you have to walk walk walk and please bring water because your throat sure will dry, angeline jolie movie was once shot in the temple for tomb raider. with my friend we went to tah prohm whenwe had guided by mr sok, then continue to have a lunch after and i order pork and fried vegetable for 3 $ adn coke can for 1$ then our last pit stop is banteays rei where  i bought t shirts for 3.5 $  i suggest you can buy t shirt for less if you go to angkor night market where it is 2 $ only

my fave food also the fresh spring rolls for 2 $ which are very yummy and the famous angkor beer for 1 $, i used to slept in the duyan which i called, and there are lots of mosquitos so you have to bring mosquito repellent lotions, where zika might be hahaha. there is no zika before but it was dengue fever where the aedes agypti mosquitoo bites you


eating spiders are really good, it taste like crab meat and i like you wanna try it?


the royal palace in phnom penh entrance is 6.25 $


the royal palace in phnom penh was constructed twice: they first construction took place in 1434 then the royal family moved to oudong, north of phnom penh in king ponhea hat reign


the second place was built in 1866 and stand to the present day. formerly the royal palace is called preach boron reach vang chatomuk mongkul the name is so given due to its location near the intersection of four rivers: the upper mekong, the tonle sap, the lower mekong and the tonle bassac

the royal palace compound is 435 meter long by 421 meters wide and high  wall which is decorated with seima shapes surrounds the complex, it was constructed in 1866-70 during the reign of his majesty king nordom, oknha yep nimith mak a leading khmer architect constructed the palace following the conventions of traditional khmer architecture.

most of the building include magnificent sculptures and are characterized by many tire roofs and topped by towers which are symbols of prosperity.the previous buildings were wooden and then reconstructed in concrete, but there original forms have been perserved



the market in phnom penh with dozens of people flock for buying and selling



the skulls of people who dies in the khmer rouge era


signage of the museum where you enter as what is all about



the dark side of cambodia history where children are beat to death in the tree


riding a tuktuk in phnom penh

for more information about traveling with intrepid

visit their booking 24.7 hotline 0904193308 email


its a long days drive from bangkok to siem reap in cambodia, approx 8-9 hours including border crossing 4 hours to the thai-cambodia border at poi pet) ad a lunch stop

Sieam reap is the gateway to angkor and have 2 full days to enjoy but burgeoning cambodian town and its surrounds, upon arrival your group leader will take you on orientation walk around the centre of siem reap, introducing you to the various markets and points of interests. as your schedule here is completely up to you, you may choose to spend most of your time exploring the angkor complex nearby, and skip back into town only for a meal and some nightlife.

entry fees to the angkor complex are 20USD for a 1 day pass, a remark for a day around the ruins should be around US15S.


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