the land mines of vietnam!

at 7 am after having breakfast in sihanokville, cambodia, we prepared our bags to leave to prepare our last destination, in saigon city, vietnam     vietnam country code is +84IMG_0081~1

the trip to vietnam from phnom penh took around 7 hours which we stop over after 2 hours to eat something, how do you say ho chi minh? its hard to pronounce right! I had a lunch for 2 & and my friend had steak for 8000 riel then we had to go to immigration border of cambodia to vietnam, i wasn’t not happy at all because i have to carry all along my back pack every time and my documents took time to scan in the immigration.


if you are holding a philippine passport of philippines, you don’t need a visa to vietnam, you can stay there max of 21 days. correct me if i am mistaken!at 3 15 pm, while we are in the bus couple of minutes before arriving at the immigration there are lot of motorbikes I’ve seen in vietnam, and my mind is taking up dinner which is far from reality as of this time, its been an early for my stomach! we arrive in ho chi minh, the capital city of vietnam, it was traffic. it made many years before, it was saigon.


for currency conversion 2000 vietnam dong=1US$ at almost 7 pm we dine in to vietnamese restaurant  where i choose vegetables and beef for 69,000 dong which include the scoop of ice cream! yummy! my day ended in night shopping at china town after a massive farewell party with the group



we went to chu chi temples at 8.30 am after waking up. i have breakfast  in nam de hotel,which you can reach at +848339252540


the temple was built on a landsite of 70.000 square meters large included of the triple gate, the epitaph pavilion 9 floor tower with the height of approximate 40 m and the main temple hall, in the main hall is set to epitaph carved with the names of approximate 50,000 children of the vietnam fatherland, who had combated and sacrificed on the land of saigon.


with my fellow traveler taken at chu chi tunnel in vietnam

the breakfast which i got is noodle soup and that was not tasty, start packing and i was just upset because when we make laundry i didn’t find my yellow pants and at the hotel reception in sihanok i didn’t not check.its was really eye breaking history!


farewell group picture in nam de hotel in vietnam with our tour guide intrepid sareth

at the end of the tour, i must say i ended up bye bye in saigon! wish i can see more of saigon but the tour started at bangkok and ended up in saigon.


ben duoc tunnel


saigon cho lon gia dinh

the chu chi liberation zone


special forest of three regions

one pill buddhits temple model

hue meridian gate model

nha rong habour model

ben dinh tunnel


the bus which goes from phnom penh to ho chi minh vietnam

service and entertainment like shooting with a bullet gun, fishing entertainment, kayak boat race, ben din restaurant , couple bike

the chuchi tunnels were the solid revolutionary base of the zone party committee and the high command of swig on  dinh military one of cu chi  district party committee and the cu chi people where also a versatile battle formation to fight against enemy and significantly contribute ask of fighting against enemy and unifying the country.


my fave food in vietnam which is pork with vegetable with leaf yummy!


my fave food in vietnam so yummy


inside the army dummy of the cu chi tunnel where they fought for their enemies




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