lost in guatemala city



instituto guatemalteco de turismo

7 a avenida, 1-17 zona 4

tel 502 2421-2800 ext 4121-4122

directo 502 2421-2854 info-lobby@iguat.gob.gt


it was may 22 to be exact and after having a hard time liquor in cop an, i have to prepare for the group, which is moving around antigua before we have to say goodbye to each other.the country code of guatemala is +502, the currency is quetzal 1 USD=7.5 quetzal


it took us 8 hours of van just to get to antigua from the heart of copan , honduras. we arrived at the afternoon in the beautiful city of antigua where colonials from the spanish cultures was observed.after drinking and dancing in the bar last night i have hang over


a new group join us from antigua to belize where they met and greet us!

checking the internet in abroad is very sacrificing because you have to opt the wifi button in your device and ask password all the time, its so annoying! i even have find hard to get my fave stamp where i always bought every time i travel far from my imagination, its not really a waste of money but its really an investment!
but luckily before we depart i saw one open in 7A calle 12-11, zone 1, after asking to the reception on how to arrive to tikal fortuna



after a long travel day arrive to antigua where you enjoy  the orientation walk, once the third largest city of all spanish america, antigua served as guatemala capital city for more than 200 years until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1773.

modern antigua is a peaceful, partially restored colonial city that is  a pleasure to explore, enjoy the beautiful architecture of the UNESCO designated world heritage site, take a mountain bike ride out in the country side of explore the fascinating markets, shops and museums within the city, walk throughout a quiet cobblestones streets past rebuilt stucco homes with heavy, beautifully carved wooden entrances.


guatemala city, in guatemala is the capital trade of the country

things to see

the point of reference for finding ones s way around antigua  is the central park, which is directly in the centre of town and the place to be in the late afternoon /early evening. you can pick up a map from the tourist office located on the ground floor of the palace often captains general on the south side of the central park. explore the museums, the colonial buildings and other sites in this delightful town



if you have extra time at the end of your trip, antigua offers three specialties that makes shoppings here very worthwhile, textiles sold here and in the nearby town are of the highest quality, beautifully designed and woven on foot looms of the rarer back strap loom, jade in the form of carved statues and jewellery is sold in several factories and shops in town and silver jewellery is sold in the better shops and also in a silver factory in nearby san felipe de jesus. the city offers good buys in ceramics and antiques as well.

this tour arrives to antigua in the early evening, if you are interested in exploring the city and its nearby attractions, it is recommended you book additional post trip accommodation nights,


estimated travel time is 8 hours, in approximate distance of 200 km.


one of my fave restaurant in antigua , the dorada cafe.


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