why i don’t want to retire in canada

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There are couple of reasons why i didn’t  want to retire to canada, although this country is rank no.2 in good governance, economy and health care, i still think that this is not a good idea to spend your retirement,although if you are sick and elderly ,healthcare is free for a resident and holder of work visa,except dental,chiropatric ,eye examination etc. its is also good for the kids who are in the middle class has 200 dollar per child support from the government, infant to 6 yr old, then 7 yr old till 16 years old,some has free bus from where you live.IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0241

  1.  the cold winter, for 2 years i  had stayed here in central alberta, i had experience dthe brutal -40 temperature, till -50 below zero, with my hands working being frosted and very toasted in cold,its very painful,also your face feels like being butchered with ice on the chiller.
  2. is the house rental, some of the apartment here are good and modern but they also are expensive if you have no shared mate or shared person in the room,

    it will took your wallet 600 dollars to 1000 dollars per month of rent including kitchen, one bathroom, one bed room and cooking.plus add on charges for electricity or power, 30 dollar internet and cable t.v 30 dollar, and with your telephone plan also which cost around 40 to 120 dollar per month depends on your mobile provider, in fact canada has the most expensive mobile network provider in the whole world.

  3. the food, the food here are mostly frozen, there are times that i can’t eat fresh fish because its so expensive!, mostly products here especially the fruits are exported from central america and china.etc, and the shopping chain charges more because its export and it charge goes to the consumers, of course the more you buy the more taxes charged too! when i go to tnt asian store i have to spend more than 200 dollars just for my 1 week consumption, asian stores opening doors for asian consumers to taste their own local food but since all are exported the store charges to the consumers, also  when i went to filipino store in red deer, 1 can of century tuna, cost 1.65 dollar, i slice of sapin sap in cost around 3.50 dollars, lucky me !noodle is 1.20 dollar,datu puti suka is around 2.50 dollar, boy bawang is 1.65 dollar, 5 pcs of galunggong is 5 dollars and also sores 6 pcs if 5 dollars

4.clothing is expensive too. if you want very cheap clothing with sale on it, one t shirt cost around 8 dollars without tax so you have to IMG_7584 IMG_7597 IMG_7586 IMG_7587include 5 percent of principal add on the product, but how about if you buy for presents to your family more or less for ten pcs you got 100 dollar off from your wallet.


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