turtle hostel in poneloya , nicaragua

One of the cheapest country in central america is nicaragua.My day started in may 14,  6 am where no black out katy waffle. 7 am was take a shower and 7.30 am walking out to the walk in the city and buy some tank tops for 4 $ but for 3 you can get a del of 11$ we just stayed with the 7 people traveling as a group in cocibolca which took 15 mins van and 1.5 ferry and taxi for 20 minutes plus public bus for 2 hours.wow! thats a lot of touring for a day!

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it is really cheap to live here, i know that from the tourist! long over shadowed by its neighbours to the south costa rica and panama, nicaragua offers many of the same benefits healthy lifestyle, great food , terrific beach living, some of the US expat pursue retirement here, after all in this country a complete meal with wine will set you only 16$. and less than 8$ a day you can get yourself clueing and gardening to maintain  the beach side apartment or colonial house. the currency here is cordoba which is 20 cordoba=1USD.


the breakfast is late 8.30 am because i was late to wake up and they have to wait for me! gosh!I buy stamps for 25 cordoba thats a lot hey! from the correos post office is just near the calle arena. we had arrived yesterday from the boat 15 minutes at 9.45 am and we start sailing where we left at 10.45 due to problems.


i see monkeys and people catching fish and pink ones like birds and flamingo , i see also the oceans with blue waters and i drink beer


the main beer in nicargua tona cerveza

i ate beef and steak with rice and veges as my friend ate beef steak we do kayaking at 3.30 pm in the freshwater it was really nice at 4 pm we depart at sanction who is the tour guide at 5.35 pm in volcano masaya. at 6 pm we to to see vulcan hike for about 20 mites and taking picture and we wen to the peak and hike again for 20 minutes we see olanoes and its so gaseous.



kayak on my passion in granada nicaragua

nicaragua, has flourished in the past few years and boast both incredibly friendly people as well as impressive natural beauty. Granada colonial charm is complimented by surroundings active volcanoes, and lakes making day trips fun and easy option, hike , cruise, or just explore the city markets and museums. Walking is probably the easier way to see all the sights of granada. 



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