white sands of britania

20150726_014806 20150726_014743 20150726_014740 20150726_023520 20150726_023414 20150726_014603 20150726_023346 20150726_014602 20150726_014554 20150726_023342 20150726_014553 20150726_023310 20150726_014131 20150726_010904 20150726_023139 20150726_010900 20150726_014130 20150726_023136it was in the middle of july when i went home to attend the wedding of my younger kimud kasal , and after that glorious wedding we had agreed that island hopping and taking a big break to the white sand, the britania islands , which known as little boracay of caraga.

how to get there:

From Hinatuan or Bislig City,

ride a bus bound for Butuan and alight at Barobo bus terminal. Travel time from Bislig to Barobo is about 1.5 hour and costs approximately Php105. Trip from Hinatuan to Barobo takes about half-an-hour and costs approximately Php35. From Barobo Terminal, transfer to a van or a bus going to Tandag and alight at Barangay Salvacion in San Agustin . Travel time from Barobo to Salvacion, San Agustin is more or less 30 minutes and costs Php40.

from Butuan City,

ride a bus or a van going to Tandag City and alight at Barangay Salvacion, San Agustin. The trip takes about 4-5 hours

From Surigao City,

there are two options: (Option 1) Ride a bus bound for Butuan City, then transfer to another bus or a minivan bound for Tandag and get off at Barangay Salvacion. (Option 2) Ride a bus going to Tandag. In Tandag City, ride a bus or a minivan bound for Butuan and alight at Barangay Salvacion In San San Agustin. Either way, travel time is approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. The second option is best if you’re coming from Hayanggabon port, after a tour at Socorro Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove.

From Davao City,

head to the bus station and ride a bus bound for Tandag City and get off at Barangay Salvacion in San Agustin. There are only two trips to Tandag from Davao. One leaves at 12 midnight and the second trip is scheduled at 6AM. Alight The trip takes about 6 hours and costs approximately Php410.

From the main road in Salvacion,

hire a habal habal to take you to barangay Britania, where the port is located. The ride takes about 15 minutes and costs Php20 per head. On your way, you’ll pass by the Salvacion Tourism where you’ll pay Php25.00 environmental fee. The tourism office may also assist you in looking for a boat for island hopping tour. Standard rate is Php1,500. However, depending on your number and how long you intend to stay in the islands, some boat operators may agree to Php2000 price.

20150726_010904 20150726_023139 20150726_010900 20150726_014130 20150726_023136


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