Reminders for international Traveling

take a look with your belongings

gadgets jewelry

Based upon my travelling experienced on the past, I told myself not to be careless, but every time i try to avoid this certain things, I almost forgot!  A very sign of aging like me, i even put my iPod 3rd generation on the washer, now its gone, although i back up all the data and files, still my 5 year old iPod which I used everyday in walking towards work, was gone!  Engkanto gave it to me when he visited me in 20111 in the philippines and brunie!

Do not bring your valuable gadgets like your jewelry, iPods, iPads,i watch, wallets,when traveling , it will be snatched especially if crowded places in MTR, trains, buses and terminals which snatchers are trying to be a traveler or fellow traveler. In watches, you have to be caution especially if you are taking showers in public places or private or hotel or hostel, it happen to me once, in switzerland when i take showers i left my watch on the bath room due to rushing over the time to get to the airport during showering day. engkanto, my friend lost his wallet during the MRT ride on the philippines on the trip in buendia-central station. He lost his  3 credit card and 3000 pesos money not mentioning  also his ID and driver license.

Last year two, I been scammed by a traveling con. He talked to me starting valentines of 2015 then after 4 weeks of whatsapp , He told me he had a construction company and He went for business meeting in the philippines, He even send me a pic of his mother, his false identity picture,( which scammers used a good looking guy with muscular abs, and picture with his work and US presidents for i.e clinton) then he said he included 10,000 USD in the parcel box which He said , He went to mall of asia in the philippines to bought this rolex watch, iPod, tshirts, perfumes, gadgets etc.with the 10k money


a sample of MRT trains in toronto

But there were a great problem, the package which he asked for your mailing address was detained by custom officers in malaysia, particularly in kuala lumpur…He will contact you by email and phone, where they used to ask for money for custom clearance and using a lot of names indians or malaysian….to send the money to. for more info visit

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Then the currency, you have to exchange via bank, and just look for the exchange rate which in your side can make profit .For example, I have to exchange indonesian money when the canadian is doing good in the currency exchange. Don’t exchange US dollars if its getting low, otherwise you lost more money. It good that the profit can buy you a drink or  pay you accommodation for a day… That would be  smart choice.


Then,avoid booking tickets which are the day of the sale. You will lose money or being charge 5 times when the system goes time out, and you think that your book didn’t go through but you are confused that it didn’t go throughout and when you check your credit card it didn’t displays in your account that day! awe! it will double charge you and you will be on debt on credit card due to the error when booking! being smart means that when you book and you didn’t get through, you should stop! unless you get a confirmation page and number all the stuff need in your intenerary then you are safe!

ALSO try to book baggage online so you can save money, the last time when i prevent booking baggage online because i want to travel light, then everything went change as being plan doesn’t work, i paid 7000 pesos for one way baggage to honking for just 10 kilos extra.


Also, when you booked your ticket online, make sure its not conflict with your connecting flight, check the date and the24 hour military time, just today i didn’t notice that i book am flight or early morning instead of afternoon thats what i thought! now I have to pay extra money for that stupidity! Make sure you have to write downs all your flights connection before engaging or booking in a new flight which you didn’t notice conflict or you gonna be missed a flight to jakarta! in my case when i book a day when i arrive, i should book a day after, not just you have time to relax but also given the opportunity distance of travel time, just in case the aircraft delayed or maintenance problem at least you have one day spare for your travel.


All of this was based upon my experience, we have different experience at least i shared to the world, that maybe people like me, can read this and try to think about the safety to travel with your self and all your belongings because sometimes we forget due to lots of files in our head and worries, to our love ones and whatever files in your mind that bothers you a lot! we are just human! I know but when we think about safety about ourselves and our belonging, we can make travel worries -free

Don’t forget also to PRAY, i think prayers is the best weapon not only for peace but for our safe being. I believed that human intervention can’t stop whatever accident happen when you travel, if you have travel insurance when you book thats great!


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