train to domodolsolla to milano

It will take 2 hours from domodolsolla station to milano station.. and the cost of ticket? 20 euro!My day was started from domodolsolla where it takes 2 to 3 hours from simplon dorf from driving. I mean there were a lot of checkpoints that we passed which crosses a border from swiss to france. Then in domodolsolla station we have to stop to get a ticket in a seven eleven store for about 20 euro and it has 6 stops from domodolsolla station to milano station where the famous milan church was located.



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This slideshow requires JavaScript.



I must say that the train was really comfortable although trains travel has many companies and one of them are SBB CFF FFS. They are famous in europe especially in central europe where trains are connected to one another


Thast the way as we driving from swiss border to the italy border. The swiss country was boarded  where east was austria, north was germany, west was france and south was italy


After dropping  the milano station which our destination  milan you need to buy again from duomo  going to milano train station… and from duomo there are lots of tickets offices to go to venice for instance or where heading in italy.. but in our case we just had one station from milan so we stop at duomo. You have to walk from duomo station towards milan where it takes around 30 minutes from duomo to the milano church


Near the milano station you can see the central milan where it offers the branded fashion capital of the world, the dolce gabana, loui vitton, versace, and any other top fashion brand of the world





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