train from hk airport to downtown


There are three types of tickets for travelling to and from the airport, SINGLE JOURNEY, ROUND TRIP and SAME DAY RETURN.You can also used the Octupos for the Airport express..


Single journey tickets  on the date of issue

Same day return ticket 30 days from the date of issue

Octopus    3 years fro the date of last value adding transaction

An OCTOPUS is an easy to use, electronic stored value smart card which automatically deducts fare from most major transportation modes from its stored value. The card is valid for three years after value has been added.




Make sure your carrying cash or exchange of hong kong dollars just in case you don’t get Octopus card.. Mostly bus in hong kong is double deck and payment is in the door so be sure to get exact amount because it will not dispense change… In our case for both of us, I paid 20 HKD. towards our destination in tsim sha tsui.


With the airport express, you are never from from the town, There is a train every 10 minutes ready to whisk you between airport and hong kong station in the heart of the shopping and commercial district in about 24 minutes. Or travel to the Asia world expo in around 2 minutes from the airport. Plus, with connection to the MTR lines. all of the territory is within reach



Airport express service hours 5:50 am to 1:15 am


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