my trip to venetian,macau!

Here you can meet a lot of people riding gondola which was really cool!You have to wait until the bangkador will entertain you aboard and of course you have to show the ticket.. ticket cost around 150 pattaca which i paid for two cost me around 300 pattaca to ride on gondola, There are so many cheap flights direct to macauair asia goes every day from thailand, hong kong and other parts of asia



the gondola cost me about 450 macau  currency pattaca



IMG_3477Souvenirs with the waterfall and pictures 4X6 size cost you around 500 pattaca, but its worth it because you only experienced it once in a lifetime!

IMG_6909the ferry terminal of cotai waterways and water jet , this was the port of entry for both vessel travelling from hong kong to macau and vice versa the ticket cost around 150 back and forth per person


MACAU, tagged as the VEGAS of asia because of its dim lights and brights lights of hotels like vegas where you can see casinos and theme parks, balboa  , hotels , amusement parks and gambling of course! that what its famous about


You can see more about macau in the hit movie “now you see me 2” which opens in cinemas this week.




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