Arequipa in lima, a UNESCO world heritage The country side of arequipa is ideal for leisure and solace. Sabandia and its mill Sachaca, Charato, Quequena, Sogay and Socabaya where the Founder mansions is situated are landscape filled with history and natural resources.Peru is a boundary of columbia from north , pacific ocean in the west, chile in south and bolivia in the east.




I was fascinated by Peru.. not just machupicchu but mostly of all colonial towns

The currency of Peru are called peruvian sol..They are located closer to Bolivia,on south east then north of Colombia, south of chile where west is the pacific ocean

that is why i love to visit Peru… Its really a cheapest place next to Bolivia


climate of arequipa

The white city as it is called because of its buildings made of sillar, a volcanic stone shines due to its sunny weather and its gastronomy, one of the finest in Peru. As a result of its colonial and republican architectural heritage, represented in churches, convents and mansions, the UNESCO declared the city as centre a world heritage site.








I must say if you are a traveller, and your destination is south america.. Just drop to Peru, its worthseing and its good for your money… People are friendly, although english is not being spoken in the locals, but learning spanish is really easy.


a local woman in peru

Arequipa is the second largest city of the country. It has three impressive guardians the Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu volcanoes, however its is proud and warm dwellers that give the city its particular charm. Your visit can only be complete if you schedule outings to the Arequipa countryside, the Colca and some of its protected areas,


the view of the city


famous landmark


hats of pretty


woman who create its masterpiece


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