bandar seri begawan, brunei!

how to get to bandar seri begawan

depends upon where your origin airport but when i went to brunei last 2011, i made a great impression that this small country was not cheap, its neighbours labuan malaysia can be reached just couple of hours crossing the sea by some boat operators.

in my case my origin airport was manila, i flew via budget airlines cebu pacific, where they have affordable flights starting at 4,000 pesos one way.
the sultan omar ali saifuddin mosque which is famous in bandar seri begawan made of gold




as soon as we touch down from manila to brunei international airport , we choose the hotel that was not far from the airport when we had to go back, and it was naive if you don’t have a taxi with you! we paid almost 50 brunei dollar which is 1US=1.34 BD country code is +673. the capital city is bandar seri begawan


when we had our first brunie trip, and i think the last hahaha, we stay at orchid garden,just 30 minutes from the airport where you have to pay more or less 50 brunei dollar just to arrived there towards the


we stay almost 7 days in brunie and i must say, there country is not really good in historic attraction ,but the only fact that brunei is expensive because they have a large oil and gas which they produce in order to sustain their economy for 20 years . the car there are modern and most of the families have decent homes and cars, just like canada!

well i must say thats what you get if you have oil reserve and maintenance drilling because you can make millions of money for oil and gas , which are happening to evaporated if they are not used properly !



at 4th day of our stay in brunei , me and my friend decided to cross the pacific seas to reach labuan, malaysia via ferry, it was really a very tidal and current waves pushing the boat, i will never do it again promise


in yayasan complex


the inside of the mosque


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