life in nicaragua

Granada is the colonial city of Nicaragua where vast of colonial cities from the ancient world still erected there. While I was in granada, I feel in love with the city not just the quality of life, the water is purified and the accommodation is very cheap compare to those neighbouring costa rica, panama, el salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.img_4588

I heard some stories from expatriate that they like the city too because of its cheap food and rent, They can drink cappuccino in  a restaurant for 1 buck, or a soda for half the price. a good meal cost around 8 bucks for two of them. They now lived comfortable for 1,200 dollar rent or 1,500 dollar a month for an apartment.


Living in near the shores of lake nicaragua exudes colonial charm. The ornate yellow and white cathedral is the centrepiece of the main plaza. By day, the nearby park comes alive with local vendors selling home grown cashews, freshly bake breads, ice cold treats and clothing. The cathedral also marks the entry onto the calzada, the city most popular street, Its cobblestoned walkway lined with cites bars restaurants, is the perfect place to enjoy the cold beer or rum with friends while watching the sunset over the lake.




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