be cautious of online job scams

A company that pays it’s staff with $1,000 ada y to work from home shouldn’t  need to advertise . The internet is filled with work from home scams masquerading as real jobs

Top 10 red flag scams are

  1. job title job dries and compensation are vague
  2. job offers is a spam email or web banner advertisement
  3. unprofessional ad , website email address correspondence
  4. employer is hard to identify locate or contact by telephone or email
  5. employer shoes little interest in your qualification no job interview
  6. employer pressures you to buy training equipment  software for the job
  7. you are asked to transfer or wire money out of your personal bank account
  8. you are asked to repackage items sent to you and then ship a broad
  9. employer quickly ask for your social insurance number or banking information
  10. too good to be true, guaranteed big money, no risk, no experience no effort needed

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