Borubodor temple in Yogyakarta

My first day when I arrived in jakarta from manila airport. the travel time took along 4.5 hours depends on the airline and the aircraft and the name of the airport in Indonesia is Soekarno-Hatta. The time difference of almost one hour.

I Spend 6 days as teaching english to locals which ended up boring for me since this November the students are taking their exam wide so I ended up having all my time for myself and some locals which are local people i teach english basic. I paid 50,000 rupiahs everyday for Ari which are local host. for 6 days i paid 300,000 rupiahs or almost 30 USD


Sukabhumi is more like town(kuta) which i have to get from bogor station which at my first day in Jakarta i have to explore. I paid 30,000 rupiahs for the taxi driver to drop me to the hostel name capsule-old batavia  check in is 2 pm.check out is 12

15181679_1895689307376565_2037714728843079168_n. more information in, which I paid 140,000 rupiahs for one night .Then to get here (central jakarta from the airport terminal 2) get a  damri bus from soekarno -hatta just walk 10 minutes from the airport straight along the edge 2nd floor and paid 40,000 rupiahs(4.5 USD) to gambir station. the travel time took 1 hour and 15 minutes. depends how traffic it is.

Jakarta central is traffic. i have a video how bad is the traffic so better make a 1 to 2 hour advance before your schedule activity so you will not be late or missed anything.this is the station of Cikini station going to Juanda station


After check out i went to proceed cheap food. rice is called nasi and goreng means friend so i went to close 7 eleven shop because i can buy rice and ground meat for 10,000 rupiahs only, but lots of restaurant you can choose if you want to buy descent food for a price of 40,000 to 100k. for translation 1 USD= 13,300 rupiahs. But in the Bali the currency exchange is better high compare to jakarta, jogjakarta and sumatra.


There is no train from sukabhumi going to jogjakarta so you have to go to bandung station.

You have to get to the bus first from sukabhumi and you will paid 30,000 rupiahs and it took 3 hours or 4 hour depends if traffic.

Then to bandung station you have to get the ticket for 230,000 rupiahs executive. 260,000 for ekonomi.But you can book it a day before in alfamart and indomaret convenience stores. the travel time from bandung station to jogjakarta takes 3 hours but be careful when you came from the bus somebody take your luggage and you will be charge 5,000 rupiahs for porter and 75,000 for taxi going to jogja station. In my case i paid that much because I’m in hurry for 6 pm time from bandung to jogjakarta (yogyakarta) so i paid all 80,000 for the taxi which only takes 20 minutes depends on traffic and you will be ask parking fee 5,000 better not to ride taxi. or ask if there is meter.



borubodur temples are rainy that time since i came this november. But the entrance you have to pay at 260,000 rupiahs for non indonesian. 460,000 includes a package for pambranan temple which took one hour going to taxi from borobudur. From the yogyakarta station you have to get a damri bus located near the entrance of the train station with the ticket station where you can get tickets to the train.. only 75000 rupiahs its better than to take taxi which i got for 200,000 rupiahs going to borobudur temple.


Train from YOGYA-BALI

cheaper souvenirs if you shop in yogyakarta for t shirts, dusters, batik, books, stamps, etc where are located in marliboro streets.It just a walk from yogyakarta train station just 15 minutes and you will arrive the money changer mulia which is good deal for foreign currency exchange. the exchange is good and they have freebies in other agent.


There is no train directly from yogyakarta to Bali. there is two bus station from south which is giwangan terminal  and the north is jombor station.I bet you have to go to jombor bus station it takes only 30 minute drive via taxi which cost around 200,000 rupiahs from borubodur station. but if you only take a bus it would cost you only 25,000 but i am little rush .from adi sutjipto airport take route 3b stop in giwangan bus.15135726_1895709554041207_8830826391912216481_nFrom tutu railway station take route 2A stop in tungkak haste then take route 4A stop in giwangan bus From Jombor bus terminal take route 2A stop in tungkak then take Route 4A stop in giwangan. The malam bus (overnight ) will take you to bali.

15193554_1895709550707874_1553465700399160227_nIt will take 18 hours maximum to reach to bali including the 1 hr ferry transfer from gilimanuk to bali. there are lots of bus stations overnight going to bali for ex. is safari (jombor terminal)which cost around 275,000 rupiahs and the gunung harta( giwangan terminal) for 350,000. all bus has one meal.overnight. but for gunung harta 2 snacks and one night meal.


All the buses going to and from jakarta, yogyakarta, bandung, sumatra et. will depart from ubung bus terminal. if you came from seminyak, taxi like uber give you a better options for 45,000 rupiahs, mostly taxi are asking 75,000 rupiahs to 100,000 rupiahs for this route.

Do whatever convenient for you. especially those who have big luggage. You have to get uber taxi to get cheaper ride and if you are a motorbike mostly all roads in indonesia and hostels offer a rental for 50,000 rupiahs with helmet. So its better to get motorbike rather than spending horrible taxi fees.



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