life in hostel of taipei


process to bus 1819 by getting tickets nearby airport gate terminal 2.

From Mactan Cebu Internation Airport has no time difference in Taiwan, Its been rainy yeah and the flight took 3 hours almost. I dont care about jet lag. So in Cebu, you have to pay terminal fee of 750 pesos for every foreign passengers using their terminal. I wasn’t not impressed by this but lets continue.


Its been almost 1 am when I landed in taoyuan international airport which is busy airport  catering thousands of passenger each day. I line up with the immigration for almost 30 minutes. Then 30 days of stay you can allowed in Taiwan depends on your nationality.


If you are a filipino citizen if you are holding a valid visa , you can apply visa online and it just minutes the taiwanese system will tell you if you get approved or not


The currency of taiwan is new dollar which is in my case 1 cad=2.358, so 100 CAD= 2,358 taiwanese new dollar.


taiwanese new dollar which conversion matters for every country.

I paid the bus for 125 Taiwanese dollar and it took 45 minutes from the main taipei station going to the taoyuan international airport. But the good news you get amazed by road scenery if you will ride on the day time basis.


my first day as volunteer here in taipei not sure what to do here!

I came late at night, then i have to grab 7eleven branches are every corner in taipei. I must say this city is expensive and i think you have to plan ahead whatever your activities here in taipei and I might say that as a volunteer depends on shift you are, you can work 5 hours a day for 5 days and 2 days off. I hope I can still survive with budget of 500 $ here for 17 days.I sign for a contract. with your passport and how long you gonna work.


the driver will issued you a tag when you aboard in a bus

Mostly you’re work in hostel covers from housekeeping, cleaning rooms, cleaning toilets, talking to the guests, promoting hostels in the road by giving leaflets, laundry, and some stuff which the hostels told you to do


make sure you paid the ticket card going to the bus for 125$ depends on destination in taipei

For your advantage, they will give you a dorm with housemates from different nationality and you have to share toilet and shower with the guests.

More updates later.





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