Bus from hat yai to Phuket 

I ended up 7 hours bus trip from bus terminal of hat yai to puket bus terminal 2 and the cost is 335 Thailand baht for 815 pm bus schedule the last bus trip will be 930 pm and there is a bus stop to eat as the journey begins after the night bus I arrive at 330 am at the bus terminal 2 of Phuket . 

Depends on your final destination mine for example is in Phuket so I needed up finding. A hotel but because I didn’t book a reservation  I just rode a 30 baht fare chicken bus going to downtown Phuket and the chicken bus is quiet big enough to carry 15 passengers which they have stops in 14 stations and the ride just take 10 minutes to arrive to down town Phuket 

But the. My problem is to find a hostel and you can book cheap hostel in Phuket in Hostelworld and just take an uber taxi around the patong beach for 300 baht do not take a car which doesn’t have an uber it will charge you from the patong beach to downtown around 400 till 500 baht which is the flat rate here in Phuket .at the time of exchange 1 USD is 3.40 which covers 20 bills to 1. Money exchange makes a lot of money if you don’t have 100$ bill US. And you will lose money for currency exchange better bring baht or foreign currency with your bank . Welcome to patong beach in Phuket 

The patong beach in kathu


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