A bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur 

Thereally is a flight a bus and train from tbs kuala Lumpur going to Singapore which drop off from golden mile complex in Singapore

In my case I came from singapore Changi airport which I had a sleep overnight in the ground floor on my way next morning to walk going to golden mile complex ten minutes 

from changi airport just take the elevator on it floor then follow the bus sign and exit then go to pedestrian bridge out is the exit then down to the highway where you can see the golden mile building color yellow reach that bulging walk 5 minutes and then from golden mile 

complex you can see stalls and lots of ticketing booth going to anywhere in Malaysia In my case I tale closer to money changer the Pacific express bus and I paid 15 Singaporean dollar for a 6 hour ride going to kuala Lumpur .The bus depart 930 am and I had to immigration stops one from Singapore and then one in Malaysian immigration when you get in their country .the Stamps every stop had to scan your bags getting in Malaysia takes only 10 minutes and I arrive at 330 pm at TBS where I had to pay 19 ringgit to go to ipoh in amanjaya bus station . Do not change money in that station they will ripped you off for US dollar beer change in a bank

I arrive in ipoh and I have plans to go cross to the border of hat yai via train from here going to phuket in Thailand


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