Bus from hat yai to Kuala Lumpur

this route is not so popular among the travellers because few bus companies travel in this route .In my case I do not know if you can book this route online but since my original plan the Padang Besar from hat yai didn’t succeed , and that plan takes. 11 hour train drive to arrive in Kuala Lumpur which is better.i guess but anyway I paid 690 baht for. 13 hour bus ride from hat yai bus station going to Kuala Lumpur , this is not a good recommendation for travellers and backpackers if you can fly much better , then when I slept and.nap I didn’t get my passport stamp at Thai border so when I went to Malaysian border which is 20 minutes walk I was in trouble now I have to get a motorbike and the fixer to bring me to Thai border to exit stamps I paid 40 ringgit for the fixer what a waste of money! I will not advice to ride the. Konsurtium bus express the service is a no good and they are not customer friendly see if they told me that hey it’s Thai border how am I supposed to know! I have been save my 40 ringgit for food and accommodation for a day. And we have also trouble from 1 km from kamnunting bus station we lost our engine and the mechanical problem they can’t fix so it takes 3.5 hours of waiting no where to get a new bus to Kuala Lumpur. So if I were you take another bus station like aroma just which is better than this crappy bus. We arrive in bus station in ko almost 1030 pm, where the original arrival will be 7 pm when we depart at their office at 9 am


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