How to get tax refund GSt for your purchase 

You can check the accredited shops

Depends on the country you visited ,the claimant has to make a minimum purchasss amount of MYR300 for Malaysians , 2,000 baht for Thailand , and 100 $ for Singapore , at the same approve outlet 

The claimant must be at least 18 years of age on the date of validation 

The claimant must norther be a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia or any country who offered this GST refund and hold a valid international passport 

The claimant must not be a member of the cabin or flight crew 

At the store 

Spend minimum of MyR 300 inclusive og GST AND ASK FOR A GST refund form 

Present your passport for verification by the shop staff . if you don’t have global blue card see how to fill your GST refund forms 

Fill out the GST refund form before arriving st the airport 
Remember a refund will only be given with a collletrr form validated by customs original tax invoice or receipt and boarding pass or confirmed air ticket 

At the airport 

Validate your forms at the customs

Please allow time for the refund process before your flight departs

Do not pack away your purchase on your check in luggage . They must be presented to the customs officer at landslide for goods to be check in and airside for hand carried goods 

Before. He king in go to the GST customs refund verification counter . Present your completed GST refund forms tax invoice shop receipt passport and purchase goods to get your forms validated 

Get your tax refund 

Go the the approved refund agent office displaying the IRIS global blue logo 

Receive your refund paid to your credit card within five days or in cash a maximum of MyR 300 can be refunded in cash

In a rush mailmyour completed custom validated GST refund forms back to us with m the envelope provided and get your refund paid to your credit card within 3 weeks of when we received it by mail. The 


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