Bus going to borubodor temple from Yogyakarta train station 

For this story what I did as a traveller was from Bali by bus which connects from ubung terminal and ferry crossing an hour going to gilimanuk 

Bus terminal ubung bound for Yogyakarta

Then I have to get a uber taxi from the bedpkus backpacker in seminyak for an hour or less going to ubung bus station where you can find agent serving routes for example in Yogyakarta 

Taxi is vey expensive in Bali some of the streets there doesn’t have allowed uber or grab taxi to come I don’t know the reasons why I just saw the sign 

I paid 150,000 rupiah for one night a comodation

Then back to ubung terminal , after I paid 60,000 rupias for the ride via uber ,this uber thing you need to be careful because some of the driver charge more especially midnight  where they said that they will charge like less than 3 $ plus the uber ride . It happen to me when I went to night market in Bali and in seminyak where I stay .

The entrance is more expensive if tourist

Then after the bus took 17 hours I arrived in Yogyakarta then I can’t figure out how to get a vehicle or the bus direct to borubodor because in Yogyakarta station internet is so fucking bad and you cannot connect 

I ended up not getting a ticket for the trains to bring me to 8 hr Jakarta ride for the reasons that it’s weekends and local people are crossing and boarding the whole train going. Back home .

Avoid riding trains in Saturday and Sunday

So I ended up getting the ticket very expensive for 350,000 rupiahs or about 35$ since the Indonesian exchange for 1 $ is 13,500 rupiahs 

I mean in seminyak and in Yogyakarta the exchange rates of some money exchange outlets are good compare to Jakarta .

So there is no bus closer to Yogyakarta station but there is a company which is many van

Which is just in the corner of the entrance which it goes to Yogyakarta to direct borubodor

In my case since connection is really bad I have to take taxi and it’s a n hour I paid 300,000 rupiahs for just one Way which is almost 30$ which is

A waste of money


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