planning to stay in mexico city? how about a place in guadalajara, jalisco

I stay here in corazon guest house after 3 connections flights from Los Angeles city, If you want to stay next to mexico city, drop down to guadalajara , a city of colonial and city of wonders from people to beautiful   food, the food is very cheap and the guesthouse that i stay in is very resonable price of 2,000 mexican pesos per month or if you want to stay shorter 150 pesos per day with free drinking water, internet , wash and dry clothes for once a week, practice your spanish with the local or exchange  cultural if you want to learn spanish from the local and in return the local will learn english from you.

With a portuguese chef in the kitchen, you will never go hungry. Food mostly are in reasonable price from vegan to meatlovers. They have also nice pets like 2 cats and 1 rabbit. You have everyday cable tv and the staff working there are volunteers from all over the world who can deal with fun and excitement maybe couple of beers in free time and having activities for you so you will never get bored.

you can translate below in english.this is all about the hostel fee and the services included.12376597_961255760620655_1943340198329198624_n

buscando pensionistas ideale para estudiantes y profesionales

150 por dia por estancia pero usted puede ahorrar mas dinero si te quedas un mes para 2,000 pesos no deposito, incluye residencial la escuela de idiomas donde disfrutar de la diversidad cultural desde el personal y la gente local donde puedes practicar tu ingles o espanol si el extranjero
internet incluido , el exceso dela cantidad de personas que trabajan para sus necesidades, habitacion compartida, litera tipo ,un portugues chef que puede cocinar los alimentos con amor

lavado se incluye una vez la semana,de lavado y doblar, el amable personal
agua potable incluido pelicula la noche ,billar opcional para el grupo social
la comida es opcional para el precio razonable
para hacer una reserva, me escribe un correo electronico o de texto llamar a mi numero



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