Be aware of Adam and Aaron clothing scam in Facebook 

Adem yogun that’s the name of a person who are charge by my credit card last April 24 when I saw an ad or pages in Facebook 

However in their offer they have free briefs by different kinds and it looks stunning especially for gay men who needs rainbow or new design and material for briefs 

Then I see some comments and their website where it has link in Facebook and shoptify and I fill up and paid the free briefs for shipping 

I was deducted after verification in my credit card 23 USD or 32 Canadian and now almost 3 months right now I didn’t get the order and when I see one of the comments says scam hen it makes me bothered

Now after paying the shipping fee for the free briefs the send me order confirmation I was just thinking because the send me twice the order page where I already ordered and luckily I didn’t fill it up and ordered again 

I just don’t understand why so many people especially those people who gas no money like me are easily attracted to this shitty offer 

I already message fb and make a complain to take their page but no reply even I message the owner 

Now I will not take this fraud and free products offering by paying shipping fees this is bogus 


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