the hell of indonesia’s night bus

Bali Indonesia– I first remember, I was never been in bali all my life neither Indonesia.

I was just curios when I wanted to visited borobudur, the Indonesian pride, where tourist flocked their way to see the largest cone temple and the one of the most ancient temple in the world, borobudor temple.

Then on my way to Borobodur I was just curious where people talking about night buses where there is one way to get there where depends on your port of origin, bus terminal south(jombor21200837_2037389499873211_4473592258686626413_o) or the bus terminal north(giwangan)

I tried to ride a night bus from jogya going to bali and it takes 24 hrs or more depends on the weather and the traffic, that time on the way we are stranded somewhere in the forest road because of the illegal loggers who had trouble with their loadstruck, and it was a big asspain in the road were we are stranded for 4 hours in the nowhere to be road.

then only one stop at the evening at their suki restaurant of that buses where you can get a meal coupon when you purchased ticket from that said bus operators. The food i tell you wasn’t pleasant, hard duck or beef meat as rock and you have to pay for extra.

mostly the bus will stop at 10 pm, before the night calls, and the driver also has to loaded fuel to their bus for the very long road trip in the road.

Just for advise to all travellers who wanted road trip from jogya or jakarta going to bali which takes 24 hrs or more to reach via night bus and one day journey on the boat (gilimanuk port) which takes 4 hrs or more to reach the island of denpasar (bali)

If that is fine with no sleep and the bus is uncomfortable to sleep with. less aircon and mostly when you used the toilet in the bus(very dirty some not flushing), some bus are not allowed to used their toilet i wonder why, they always close that it did happen to me once so i have to used the toilet in the restaurant when we had stop( it cost 2,000 rupiahs for all the washroom used in indonesia) even in the mall.

the seats in bus also is not comfortable with your legs, with your neck and some parts of the body. If I were going to do it next, I must say I will never ride the bus again, If you have  enough money just get the train (malam tickets) from gambir station. malam means night . but they are  only limited time slot so reserve your tickets early. You can also go to their supermarket named ALFAMART or INDOMART to booked your train tickets.

ATTENTION: bear in mind always that you can’t get a ticket if you booked instantly today. you have to booked it 2 days before your trip so you will never get a problem. Also avoid travelling or riding train in SATURDAY AND SUNDAY because all the seats in the train are booked! yes it happens to me once! think smart! its better to be early than never!


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