The travel people are the happy people 

While I was travelling last year and this year for 5 months I must say that the people I been met through my travels add on memories of my mood and my journey 

When I started my first trip in Indonesia in Jakarta , I felt a little bit lonely and despair because I really don’t know how to speak bahasa and come to think that Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and Dont have any idea  where am I going for 21 days of my holiday in that country 

after riding trains in Jakarta I discovered that Jakarta is not really cheap. Although this city is affordable and you can get like 20$ hostel and 40$ fancy hotel in Jakarta but I feel bored 

Then I head to sukabhumi, in eastern Java and I discover that for cheap local homestsy just for 10$ including food and stay I was amazed but the only thing I don’t like in Indonesia is you can’t get into the train by Saturday and Sunday and you can’t even take that Saturday and Sunday by train because booking is full and somebody told me even you books online you can’t get it cheap because all their citizens are using massive trains during weekends 


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