Foods must try in Hanoi , Vietnam 

I must say that travelling solo with no attachment is good but sometimes it’s not

My experience travelling faces me freedom to try some things which is far beyond and also to be silly and decision makin

In Hanoi , my first time to get into here from the south which I been to Ho Chi Minh city you can take a bus from other booking agent or travel agent in the place near you.

Buses is no good if you travel Between January which they say Chinese me year because you can’t get the bus in time for your destination and majority of the bus shere has no trip if there is the price is triple I mus advice if you have motorbike and just bring your license for your protection and for the comfty of your journey

The food is all famous in the streets of Hanoi where they call it luoc bay

It was very sticky and gluten with spicy and dried cloves of garlic the taste is good ESP it’s hot

Vietnamese loves soup too and as you know rice is serve all day .they have also fresh garden and salad where if your vegan that’s good

Anyway if you want tour in Hanoi this is just an example of the prices you can get for the tour in travel agency mostly are they same


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