luggage storage in terminal 3 NAIA

There is a luggage storage if you have a day or two before your flight, but you need to go out and explore Manila for a day or two, or maybe just visit your relatives in Laguna

The name of the storage luggage is Luggage and more and you have to pay 300 pesos for a small bag, and 350 pesos for a large bag, and it is 24 hrs of service,

So if you would like to get the luggage a day after today for i.e you logged in the luggage at 7 am, Monday you have to pick it up tomorrow morning of Tuesday 7 am. To avoid penalty charge even 1 hr of passing considered a day of charge.

So just like me, I didnt pay attention to this things and stuff and I picked up my luggage at 12 noon  because of traffic or just dont mind for it, They charge for another day for that because if you exceed 3 hrs, it is considered a day or 24 hrs so its 700 pesos for two bags.

What a waste of money!


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