backpacking in alberta,canada

entry to canada

visitors from any country other than the US have always needed a passport to enter canada. canada border services does not require US citizens to present a passport to enter canada. however the whit does require that the US citizens have a passport to return home. in this way passport requirements for canada and US borders are different on the paper but are in practice the same, canada will not allow a US citizen into the country who does not have the proper documentation to return home. A passport is  a must. for others countries please visit for visa information if you need a visa to enter canada

All travellers, including US citizens are encourage to visit the US custos and border protection web site at for information on the US western Hemispher travel initiative and its traveller requirements to enter or return to the United states

for further info on border crossing contact:

canada border service agency po box 220, courts, alberta Tok Ono

1800.461.9999 within canada 1.204.983.3500 outside canada or visit their website

IMG_6830alberta is accessible from the east and wet by two officially designated trans-canadian routes: highway 1 in the south and trans-canada yellow head highway 16 in alberta. the norther woods and water in northern alberta and the historic crows nest corridor hway 3 in souther alberta provide other travel opportunities



hotels vary rom basic bed and kitchen facilities to superior standard roos family rooms shoer laundry license are and sauna . alberta offers hotels in location such as banff,jasper, water ton, kananaskis country, david thompson country, calgary and edmonton.

for further info contact

there are vive nationals park in alberta, the banff, elk island, jasper, waterton lakes and woof buffalo, a valid national parks permit must be visible when stoping or camping the national parks or when travelling on the ice fields parkway hi way 93

entry permit fees vary depending on the parks you are visiting. the following is a list of user fees valid to march.please check for new updated info

mountain park pass daily rate for banff jasper kootenay and yoho

adult is 9.8 $ per person

senir 65+ 8.30 per person

youth 4.90 $

commercial group 8.30 $ per person


mostly markets in banff sells souvenir stuff like tshirt mugs pins patch chocolates etc.


banff town where the snow in the mountains is visible a tourist town of restaurants n shop