lost my wallet in ataco, el salvador


welcome to hotel atavista, in el salvador after 4 hour of travel via van,in the border, and in the boat for 2 hours, and also getting in the boarder, then drove 3 hours again in the van, we just arrived it was really tiring especially the boat because lots of birds flying near the trees,after a long travel we arrive in suchitoto , in el salvador

LEAVING PONELOYA, turtle island


at 6.30 am it started my day in breakfast to settle everything in the turtle island in poneloya before departing, i feel little mad coz i am eating breakfast but he tells me if i an have some cordoba in my wallet to feed those leftover breakfast with drink fees. then we left on foot at 7 am we walk towards 5 minutes in a forest to go to the lake, for our final departing, the horse already carried our stuff,i bought the t shirt for 2 tank tops each of them are 8 $or 205 cordoba so its a lost 500 cordoba, which my bill is, i paid also for the horse for 1 hour= 10 US dollar or 250 cordoba for local money


it seems the horse is hard headed this time as i told him to walk and not shout over me

the bus departs after 1.45 minutes we stop to buy something to eat at the grocery shop. i bought gatorade for 26 cordoba and wafer biscuit for 6 cordoba each then we arrive at the boat for 2 hrs sailing going to el salvador.

then before the bus  or minivan arrive at 11 am, at the nicaraguan border and it takes 1 hr and half for the visa thing. we take our bags at 12 noon at the boat just few walks from the boarder at 12.30 pm noon time we actually going to depart, charlotte swim with her bare swimsuit and megan wearing black swimwear and ernyk, then we sail for about 2 hrs and 1 hour at the pacific seas we rescue some vulture trap and lost in the open sea , which 2 of them


then we are heading towards el salvador, at 2.30 pm we arrived for lunch at el salvador port, we eat in a restaurant de marino where i ate lobster for 15 $,with rice and some bread with of course beer, btw the currency in el salvador is US dollar so its expensive. their country code is +503 and at the network for mobile phone common there is TIGO. we depart at 4 pm as we stop for the stamp of our passports, check the list of visa if you are holding passports like me, philippine passport are advice to get visa online or in the el salvador consulate in your residence area.

UNEXPECTING HAPPEN, it was really a near miss when we almost collide with the bus due to the road is very narrow and curve. but luckily we survive, at 7.50 pm , 5 minutes before 8 pm we arrive at the hotel posda alta vista. since we book with Gadventures, everything was already provided organized so you don’t need to worry about anything only you have to pay if you like their optional activities.i had meet a new friend eduardo and he’s very nice




i add I’m in fb btw, 8.30 pm we went to a restaurant ams el maslequin, we have a funny dinner, i order bistek for 6 US$ and their juice too naranja is very good. we went out at 9.45 pm or going to the hotel, i was ready upset with their money because it is US$so i have to save some money to buy tank top.

after that is going to hondruas just stay here for just one night .i watch the latinovela in the local cable when i was in my room but i don’t know which telelnovela is that.


the famous suchitoto church was constructed in 1973 by central hydroelectric cerron


local market in suchitoto, where everything washroom and stuff vegetables are open public

SUCHITOTO, after a long travel via bus boat and van arrive to the colonial town of suchitoto. don’t forget to eat the delicious pupusas, a local salvadorian speciality


el salvadorian food “pupusas” i bet it melts in my tongue when its hot!

estimated travel time is 9 hours, and approximate distance is 450 km

nestle int he mountains of the north of the country, suchitoto is perched on the edge of an impressive artificial lake called suchitlan lake, also known as embalse cerron grande, hike a short distance along the road to the water fall ” los tercios” fame for its unique composition of hexagonal blocks of stone along a vertical wall. you can also opt to head to cinquera, a nearby


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