driving from simplon to milan italy

it was october 21, staying at simplon dorf, switzerland.

when we reach dommodosolla station, after 2 hour of driving to milano central. my day starting to wake up at 8 am and had a breakfast at 9 am which me and my friend drove off from his sister house in simplon dorf going to do modosolla, station as he left the car over near the hotel, i think he has to pay parking fee for that, the driving position in switzerland is different compare to malaysia and USA.


the train which goes from italy to switzerland

it was really cold morning when we arrived in dommodolsolla station where we have to driver around an hour from simplon, the road is in the mountain and its very quirky and very stony with the checkpoint or the immigration border at the middle of the mountain, it was first time for me to arrive in this central europe where house are very far from each other but it was very clean and it was really modern living here only the fact that this city is much expensive compare to asia, i must truly my first impression that one day if i visit here i have to bring more money but i don’t think it will happen. the currency here all over central europe is euro.


the currency in italy , france, germany are euro. 1 euro =0.87 USD 1euro=0.68 canadian


my friend engkanto where he used to live in simplon for 30 year taken in the train going to it

but the stubble ended soon when we cross the 30 minutes trip of the train, the terminal in milan train station is so huge that ida, his sister was lost, but we found her because she used to find ticket going back! but we just had arrive ida!

at 12 noon when we unload our bag and ourselves from the busy train station , we walk towards the hotel that we book, and after just 20 minutes we check in. the name of the hotel is hotel florida. we bough a ticket train to connect us to DOMO central station where the famous milan cathedral is there. after buying ticket for 1.5 euro just 3 station we pass and the doom station , our destination is in front of our eyes


the milan church is very beautiful, although lots of tourist flock from different countries in europe and north america , still the place is safe and magnificent,

wasn’t not been here in europe before but totally i like it, although i didn’t see much pinoys over there but my heart beating like i been to dreams that i never can’t imagine .





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