largo do senado, macao!


st peters ruin, macau

st peters ruin, macau

macau has a total population of around 640,700 residents. chinese and portuguese are the official language being cantonese the most widely spoken, the official language are used in government departments in all official  documents and communication, english is generally used in trade, tourism and commerce. macau has an area of 30.3 sq km comprise of the macau peninsula 9.3 sq km and connected to mainland china, taipa 7.6 sq km and coloane 7.6 km and reclaime area cotai 5.8 sq km

largo senado, macau

largo senado, macau

currency of macau is pataca (MOP) is divided into 100 avow and its macau official currency. there are banknotes  and coins. roughly 8 patacas is equal to 1 US dollar, 103 patacas is equivalent to 100 hong kong dollars


it was august 5 after 3 days in hong kong, me and my sister decided to go for island roaming in macao, although its not my first time riding a boat, going here i feel strange because of the schedule of the ferry , the currency in macao is mop, 1CAD=6.1MOP  1 US=7.9 MOP, country code +853 same in hong kong


the place in victoria harbour where the macao ferry was located to buy the ticket to macao

it was august 4, when we bought tickets for two, the cost of tickets for single was 189 hk dollars one way,you have to board new macau terminal 15 mins before the departure,for more schedule of the ferry visit their website and from hk to macao route we aboard cotai water jet where you stay at macao outer habour ferry terminal for more info of ferry schedule outbound and inbound is it

WELCOME TO senado square, macau


senado square in macau where tourist flock to see the ambiance of portuguese bldg

things to see in macau” ,templo de ama ,moorish barracks,lilau square

mandarin house,st lawrence church,st joseph seminary,st agustine square,dom pedro v theatre

sir robert hu tong library ,leal senate building,sam kai vui kun temple,holy house of mercy

igreja da se cathedral,lou kau mansion,st dominic church

ruins of st paul


ruins of st paul or church of mater del built in 1602

na tcha temple,section of the old city walls,mount fortress,st anthony church

casa garden,protestant cemetery,guia fotress,HOTELS:

fu hua guandong,l arc hotel macau,royal,guia,casa real,ole tai sam un,grand lapa

holiday inn,emperor,beverly plaza,fortuna,lisboa,sintra,metropole,central,east asia

macau masters,sun sun,london,riviera,sao tiago de barra,landmark,golden dragon


IMG_6925 IMG_6918

IMG_3395 IMG_3396 IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_3400

IMG_3420 IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3423


the entrance of 500 mop for the gondola ride each


well waiting to be seated for the boat.. where there is line up


the funny white gondola man who can speak portuguese


say cheese! were on our way to the boat the 30 minute ride


wacky for their camera!opps! there is a fee for this pose!


truly, macau is vegas of asia! indeed!




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