fly to southeast asia for less than 40$

cambodia likes  in southeast asia, mostly budget airfare companies had direct flights to phnompenh from manila, singapore,  australia, europe etc. when i went there i had to fly budget airlines like cebu pacific air.more on their routes in their website cebupacificair and air asia .approximately 50 percent of cambodia population is under 18 years of age, average life expectancy is 57 years old according to UN and the exchange for cambodian riel to one US dollar is 3,999 and in  1CAD=3,052. thats todays rate!

mostly if you went to cambodia, go straight to siem reap, which means thais defeated, where it is the gateway to the magnificient temples of angkor, which seats as sout east asia drawcard, where  you can experience cambodian hospitality the attraction and activities you can do in angkor are visiting temples, visit the angkor wat, as one of the worlds ancient wonders  and take note there is an entrance fee over there 20 US$.to see the temples and to take pictures of them as i did at the top .our tour guide is sareth so which the cambodia has telephone code of +855 take note.and i was with intrepid travel tour.the doors open at 6 am and they will give flash light, the intrepid tour arrange our stay there  victory GH thats the hotel we stay.i love the fried noodle and pork over there thats why thats the most important thing that i miss in cambodia, and angkor wat is UNESCO world heritage so they take care of that, approximately hundred of tourist flock all around the world everyday to see the magnificient angkorwat.

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the famous temple was funded by german and french, and they fix renovation when we wen there,i cant stop the world for taking pictures of this magnificient customs of this girl,i was wondering making a movie for the lost empire !!! hahaha165747_498146044830_1558971_n

there are  lots of temples you can visit over there, you have to walk walk walk and please bring water because your throat sure will dry, angeline jolie movie was once shot in the temple for tomb raider. with my friend we went to tah prohm whenwe had guided by mr sok, then continue to have a lunch after and i order pork and fried vegetable for 3 $ adn coke can for 1$ then our last pit stop is banteays rei where  i bought t shirts for 3.5 $  i suggest you can buy t shirt for less if you go to angkor night market where it is 2 $ only

my fave food also the fresh spring rolls for 2 $ which are very yummy and the famous angkor beer for 1 $, i used to slept in the duyan which i called, and there are lots of mosquitos so you have to bring mosquito repellent lotions, where zika might be hahaha. there is no zika before but it was dengue fever where the aedes agypti mosquitoo bites you.



suvarnabhumi -airport me and my friend fly from manila via budget airline cebu pacific, we had to pay 1620 in manila and 750 terminal fee before we departed towTHAILANDards bangkok. baht is the official currency of thailand nad 1 cad=29 baht, to give you an idea of what to do in the capital with so much traffic, and traffic jams,great shopping ,magnificient temples,bustling markets and nightlife with plenty of leon lights blaring music 24 hrs, bangkok is truly offers endless surprises!


prepare yourself to experience the transportation in bangkok where you can see tuk tuk, a motorbike taxi willing to bring you where you from so make sure you have to bring your hotel key and address.some of the tourist spots that you can go there are the national museum which is open 9 am till 4 pm close monday and tuesday.

the grand palace, which opens daily from 8.30 am till 11.30 am and if you go by 1pm till 3 pm the entrance fee is 300 thb, and since it is scared you have to wear shoes your shoulders and wear long skirt and pants because it is also a houses of temple of emerald buddha standing 75 cms tall and made from jade.


the golden buddha sleeping as it is watching t.v .

visit also wat po,the temple of the reclining buddha open daily 8 am -5 pm . bangkoks oldsest monastery, it houses a huge statue reclining on its elbow with exquisite mother of pearl inlays decorating its large feet, it can be reach by express boat at #8 tien pier or tuk tuk approx 50 bht from here you can catch the smaller boat across the river to historic colorful, wat arun knees and shoulders covered for these.

jim thompson house is a favorite by tourist because you see some stuffing thai antiques, tuk tuk or taxi are a good way to gether  approx 80 baht or jump off at the national stadium skytrain stop.a  local river life is also nice, taking a river taxi from banglamphu pier, you can take a boat all the way to the oriental hotel or saphan taskin bridge which is the end of the silom road and the the sky train  to siam square pr sukhumvit area. a great way to avoid the traffic. boats run until 6 pm which the fare 11-18 thb you can also charter your own long tail boat through small canals from tien pier #8, prices can negotiable you can also buy a day ticket for the river taxis for around 150 baht , a great way to spend a day exploring.

baiyok, the tallest building in bangkok, where you can get a bird eye view of bangkok from this 88 story building , an admission fee of 200 baht is charged to take the lift to the 78th level.

lumphini park is great to escape the hustle and bustle, join in morning aerobics or take a picnic.

thai boxing muay thai! at lumphini park each tues and fri dand saturday  and ratchadamnoen  at 6pm sunday 500 pm price range from 500 to 1500 thb.

china and india towns they are great places to wander around especially down the little side streets and sample some wonderful food


movies. all of the big department stores have cinema with lots of current movies in english head to siam discovery grand EGV or MBK for the best selection, remember to check that the fim is in english! of course you dont understand thai language! tickets are 80-150 baht and chooose your own seat. check the bangkok post or the national newspaper for schedules.

Eating. of course at the end of the day we are starving and grab some food for walking under the sweating sun why just dine in the best of thailand. here are my reviews


streets stall, this is where you find the true taste of thailand, chinatown near grande ville hotel, rambuttri road tanee rd and banglamphu market has some excellent stall selling noode, soup, and rice dishes. most disher will only cost you 30-40 baht so try.try your hand at all asking for then in thai

some of the local delights are pad thai- a stir fry noodle dish with peanuts

gang kaew wan gai-green curry with chicken

ton yum-spicy lemon grass soup

khao phak ruam mit-stir fried vegetables

kuay taew ruam mit stir fried vegetables

kuay taew nam noodle soup

water and ice bottle water is available everywhere in thailand, solid pieces of ice with a hole in th emiddle is safe, crushed ice is not guarantee to be safe to eat

pra arthit road for something little more cozy take a walk up to pra arthit road lalong river here youll find some awesome restaurants, some with live music, our favorites are apples, hemlocks,the red chair resturant, joy luck club, and ton pho la seafood place on the river to the right

banglamphu most restaurants is too many to mention for more local experience head down one of the many small side streets called soi

chinatown, some of the nearby shopping centres have interesting food courts and lots of local snacks,

the rooftop bar and restaurant at the grande ville hotel has great views of the city

SHOPPING, i love shopping and so you are, silom road has a great night market selling clothes watches etc, the world trade centre siam square and mbk centre are your basic shopping empires closest to banglampoo is pinklao central panthip plaza is the place to find computer software khao san road has stalls selling clothes , cds, shoes and 2nd hand books night market from 9 pm.

chatuchak weekend marketis huge and sells absolutely everything you can get there by taxi or the no.44 bus from ratchadamnoen klang road or take the river ferry north then the sky train/MRT. get there early and be prepared to go crazy opens 9 am till 6 pm

tip: avoid gem scams more in my  next post.








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