why there is two currency in cuba

brisas del caribe


this is a review where the travellers wanted to stay in cuba, this is a first class hotels so i will update more if you want to have a budget stay in cuba because it depends how long your stay and your activities and what kind of accomodation where you want to choose. mostly travel company like sunwing for example and air transat offers their travellers inclusive package including fare, food and accomodation for 2 weeks, 1 week or more.

i must recommend to the travelers if they travel to varadero beach just book in brisas del caribe, not because i have a good stay there but their staff is very friendly there and happy, and mostly i talk to them in my little spanish (un poco hablar espanol)! they are also organized with everyday activities that their hotel offers and id like there is the service is good and friendly people especially i met some entertainers or they called animacion staff where they are full of smiles and good vibes! i like also their gym there just closer to the restaurant and to the hotel weve stayed he is really hot and frienndly! and the gym is not occupied with lots of people!14599667248521739847563

here are also taxi going to havana if you want to go there to explore, it pay you like 10 to 20 CUC to go there for more  or less 30 minutes from varadero. we been to havana by a tour guide and we paid 50 CUC for each for one day trip not really one day 8 hours! you can see more about havana in my next post, anyway if you like also to visit other places in cuba here you can go 14599665313471977717960


at the calgary airport the sunning airlines open at 4 pm so there is a long line after that where travellers going to cuba was on the line for checking in. with the security in canada with all the liquids is very tough,luckily i didn’t bring much on the baggage because ih ad only 2.5 kgs while his is 15 kgs. but i have to carry the laptop. our flight was schedules to arrive at 18.40 pm. however due to technical issue and maintenance of the aircraft we are delayed by almost an hour.


it was 12.37 am when the plane landed at the cuba international airport, the flight time was 7 pm and i was in seat 19b almost 5 hours of flying. that was november 8, this was my first time to see the caribbean .before we landed in midair, the flight attendant give us the tourist card to fill it up so you can handed it over the immigration officer in cuba when you arrive at the airport



at 2.37 am we left the immigration of varadero, there is a line up and mostly officer there are fast just asking question about how long you stay and the right papers for your transportation like your passport and your permanent resident if you are a passenger which can waive for visa and didn’t need a visa to enter cuba

the cellular network in cuba is cubacel which has country code of +53

there is no wifi in the hotel and every time you have to check your Facebook and your email you have to buy credits this what it looks like


an internet card sell by a receptionist in brisas del caribe hotel


famoust taxi in havana cuba, called coco taxi for a fee of 2 CUC


famous sunset of varadero


famous church in havana cathedral


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