it was october 21, staying at simplon dorf, switzerland.

when we reach dommodosolla station, after 2 hour of driving to milano central. my day starting to wake up at 8 am and had a breakfast at 9 am which me and my friend drove off from his sister house in simplon dorf going to do modosolla, station as he left the car over near the hotel, i think he has to pay parking fee for that, the driving position in switzerland is different compare to malaysia and USA.P1050309

as i drive off the domodossola, i bought smokes for 2 at 4.30 euro price, after got a ticket to the ticketing station, i bet it was really confusing at first because of too much people over the train getting for tickets and the atm. me and his sister aboard the train at 9.08 am going to milan, i check the phone who pick up signal is wind, tim. at 11 am we arrive at milan wow that is quite interesting, in the train there is a snack served but also i remember the movie the tourist with angelina jolie as you can see nice views of nature and the houses you can pass by.we just had trouble at the milano station because we struggle to find the information after 30 minutesP1050338

on thursday morning i wake up and i was in milan italy, at 7.30 am it started my day with breakfast since my friend has a fever and not feeling well and i had a shower while watching tv regarding the shooting in a parliament building. while watching the t.v i had my bread with honey and it looks hard crust, the sister of my friend knock our door and she is smoking really often, we proceed to the breakfast counter of the hotel and all serve are bread with on the side sauce, butter etc. and the milk and orange juice.


i don’t like much bread because i am a rice eater! but there is no rice in the hotel so i have to grabbed some juice and ate the bread. id like to take the hot chocolate instead.